Best SEO Agency in San Antonio

We analyze more than 200 variables to know your website and know what factors affect its positioning and know how to optimize a website with the latest medical SEO techniques. You may be doing things right, but you have neglected the key SEO aspects of a health website. Do you need an SEO audit of your website?

SEO Strategy

One of the key factors in the good positioning of a health website knows the objectives set. Once defined, we are experts in the design and execution of medical SEO strategies. If your website is healthy, we push it to the top positions to capture more patients.

SEO Health Optimization

Once we know the status of your website thanks to an SEO audit and the positioning objectives have been defined through the SEO strategy, we have to get down to work: SEO optimization according to the guidelines of Google On page – Off page, link building, performance improvements, architecture, and contents. Are we starting to optimize your health website?

Secrets Of Positioning

Neither SEO nor marketing is magic. They are knowledge, a proven methodology in web positioning, and experience. We are a multidisciplinary team trained in new technologies and especially in digital marketing, which gives us a strategic vision of incalculable value. We are also experts in Google, and above all, we have experience.

We love our work, so we put passion and hours for the results to appear. At Best SEO Agency in San Antonio, we are 100% committed to our clients’ projects.

  • Experience – We serve hundreds of companies for more than ten years
  • Professional team – We are a team specialized in all the tasks necessary for SEO
  • Google experts – We are experts in Google, the search engine with a 98% market share
  • Methodology – We have a proven methodology that works.
  • Commitment – We commit to our client 100%
  • Passion – We love our work, and we like to constantly research

Our Defining Strategies

We should not seek a digital presence because yes, but we must have very clear objectives for each of the media and channels we use. Your digital presence is very important, and this is more than evident. A solid strategy will allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities that arise.

Like the Holy Trinity (three different people and only true God), we can divide our strategy into three parts with a common goal.

Business strategy: it will help us identify elements, such as the mission statement of our business, our objectives, the value proposition, and our sales arguments. It is important to self-examine and determines if we have the structure, processes, and time, as well as resources, necessary to keep our strategy up to date.

Brand strategy: you must help us understand who our customers are and where to find them. Knowing our target audience will help us invest well in advertising and get a good return on investment. We must define how we will measure whether the objectives are met or not.

Marketing strategy: it is a set of individual plans related to the objectives of each of our target audiences. You must help us to determine in a specific way how we will use the different channels to meet the business objectives of each of our products and services.

Why is SEO benefits for your business?

  • Importance Ranking – More than 95% of searches are done on Google, and if you are not in the search engine rankings you will not receive visits.
  • Main Search Engines – Worldwide, the most used are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But in Spain Google is the one who takes more than 95% of searches.
  • Effective Strategy – SEO helps users locate what they are looking for before if you are one of the first, they will increase your SALES.
  • 342 billion Search Results – In January 2016, more than 17,500 million searches were conducted with 342,000 million search results.
  • Attraction Qualified Visits – Not only do you have to attract all kinds of visits, but also those that are most qualified to acquire your product or service based on KW Research.
  • Final Consumer Perception – The perception of the users is that the better positioned a website is, the more confidence it will give to make purchases on it.