Best SEO Agency in Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek MI SEO Agency

We are an online marketing agency based in Battle Creek MI. We have been offering our services as consultants specialized in digital marketing, web development, and design, graphic design, SEO, and SEM web positioning in addition to digital media advertising for more than seven years.

Our agency is accredited as a Google Partner thanks to the good results we offer in our Google AdWords, Display and Search Network, Mobile Advertising, YouTube, and, in general, all Google advertising platforms and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.

What sets us apart from our competition?

We are a transparent and close online marketing agency. Year after year, clients suffering from the same problem arrive with other agencies.

Tell Us Your Project

Do you have a new project in mind and want to put it into practice? Do you think your company can benefit from Adwords or SEO positioning? Is your website obsolete? Do you work with another marketing agency in Grand Rapids, and the results or attentions are not up to your company? Do you want us to evaluate the general state of your digital marketing strategy?

We will analyze your case, you can visit us in our office, or we will go to your company to meet you.

We will give you a clear budget, without ambiguous terms and without extra costs. If we believe we cannot help you, we will tell you clearly. And if we believe that your company has some type of lack, we will tell you what to do to improve. In your hand, it will be to implement those changes on your own, have another agency, or trust us. You can see what our customers say in our maps profile, on our Facebook or on our website.

Do you need to position your website and make your brand better?

Our strategy as an SEO positioning agency in Grand Rapids will boost your business!

Previous analysis of your market

We thoroughly investigate the market where you are to detect the patterns of your target audience, locate your real competition, and analyze the difficulty of web positioning in your sector.

On-Page and Off-Page Audit

We analyze in-depth the current situation of your web page, and we look for possible errors that penalize it, we correct it, and we implement the necessary aspects to start with the web positioning.

Keywords Analysis

We search for all the keywords that are relevant to your target audience and analyze how your competition is positioned. This way, we will know how we should perform the web positioning optimally to increase traffic to our website.

SEO optimized content writing

Writing for Google is not the same as writing for a user. We will write the content of your website so that it is attractive to Google, and your online project can be placed in the top positions of Google.

Link building

We create an appropriate strategy to ensure that a large number of pages point to ours, to greatly improve the metrics of your website as well as it’s positioning. This is essential in web positioning in Kalamazoo.

SEO Positioning Results Analysis

We hold regular meetings with our clients throughout the campaign. Not only to analyze and view the results reports but also to contribute new ideas and to help them in the sales process through their different channels.